Technology-Driven Approach: From Innovation to Growth

Our team embraces a technology-driven approach, fostering continuous innovation to drive the evolution of your business. We translate the latest advancements into practical solutions that unlock efficiency, growth, and profitability.

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Unlock Food & Beverage
Industry X.0 Future

We empower Food & Beverage businesses with cutting-edge solutions for cloud, robotics, AI, and big data, guiding them on their Industry X.0 journey.

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We are not business followers, we are business leaders.

Yes, we will do IT projects for our customers based on their requirements, but, in many cases, we will be ahead of our customers and use the most advanced technology to build innovative business models for them. We sometimes even create amazing business plans and put stakeholders and supporters in the right places to work together to turn great ideas into real businesses.

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Leadership Team

Introducing the visionary leaders who guide Mudoh Cloud Limited's mission to revolutionize the Food & Beverage industry through technology:

Vander NG
Chief Executive Officer

A visionary leader uses his deep understanding of technology and business models to set the strategic direction for the company.

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Joseph CHAN
Director, Business Transformation Consultancy

A trusted advisor lead our business consulting teams to develop winning growth strategies for clients in the food and beverage industry.

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Jacky YIU
Chief Technology Officer

A technology guru spearheads our technology vision, identifying and implementing cutting-edge solutions to empower our clients' operational excellence.

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Johnny TSANG
Chief Engineering Architect

A master of automation leverages his expertise in mechanical engineering to design and build robotic solutions that streamline and standardize process flow for our Food & Beverage clients, optimizing production in factories and kitchens alike.

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Unlocking Potential Through Digital Transformation: Meet Our Valued Clients

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